Abdominal pain or pregnancy paranoid

Patient: Hello, i have a question regarding pregnancy. i had protected sex 3 months ago, as my boyfriend pulled out he noticed the condom had slipt off, it was right at the entrance of my vagina and no semen seemed to have got out. i got my period normally for two months after, but this months my period was late and abnormally light/short. i havent had sex since then and had no symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever. i seem to feel adbonimal pain now but i do not know if that’s is simply because i am getting overly paranoid about being pregnant. What do you believe are the chances of me being pregnant? ps i intend on getting a hone pregnancy test within the week. Thank you.

Symptoms: none

Doctor: The fact that you have had normal periods for two months following your last sexual act pregnancy can be safely ruled ou t. Your present symptoms of pain abdomen could be because of other reasons. In case they do not resolve soon or get aggravated you may consult your doctor. If you are still anxious you may take a home pregnancy test to allay your doubts.