Abdominal pains, Pregnancy tests came out negative.

Patient: I have back pains lower pains by on both sides. The top of my tummy hurts , and my chest. I have had a period, I am on the mini pill and took 2 pregnancy tests, which turned out negative. I am needing to wee a lot, stressed. Please help.

Symptoms: Lower abdominal pains

Doctor: Hello,It is evident from the symptoms that you may be suffering from a urinary tract infection which manifests as inc reased frequency of urine, often burning is present, with lower back ache and abdominal ache and often accompanied with fever.You may visit your physician for a urine culture test to isolate the causative organism and then have to be placed on urinary antibiotics for a week for treatment. In the meantime, increase your water intake to 5-6 liters per day as it would help to flush the infection sooner.I hope I have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards