Abdominal protrusion without obvious cause throughout life

Patient: I am a 29 year old female.My problem is sort of complicated because I have not been diagnosed at all. I can say it probably started when I was a kid. I have always had a sort of pot belly. Yes I had nutritional deficiencies when I was a kid, plus I was given wrongly prepared baby formula, which meant I was constantly having diarrhea (it is a miracle I survived and grew up to be a normal human being). My diet as an infant probably also lacked protein and love (yes I mean it). ANyway, what happened was I had a pot belly since I was an infant. But the real problm is this thing is supposed to go away when you grow up, sadly not for me. Despite the fact my diet and other things improved, I still was not able to recover proper abdominal muscle tone. I even exercised but it never helped. Tried training my transverse abdominis and my rectus abdominis and obliques in all the ways I could find (all kinds of exercises especially those recommended by experts). I did it all but it was no help. I always had a protruding abdomen. By the way I am reasonable height and under to normal weight. I have anxiety related IBS(constipation) but it isn’t that severe and I have been able to control it with a proper diet.I have always sucked my abdomen in because if I don’t it looks like I’m pregnant. That is how big my abdomen looks. I don’t have any gas problems or anything else. My abdomen looks bloated but is very soft and isn’t bloated at all. The bulge or protrusion is in the middle of the abdomen like my rectus abdominis. I have never had any problem lifitng weights or exercising, stretching or whatever. It is only my abdomen that is protruding, the rest is working fine. I don’t have diastasis recti. I am also not allergic to food.I am almost 30 and for too long in my life I have been trying so hard to hide my belly so no one finds out. Even from my husband. I’ve had one baby and had no problems even during birth, had a normal delivery, and in fact the doctor thought I was very good at pushing. It seems that my abdominal muscles are fine and everything is working fine, but I have no idea why I have this huge belly. It literally look like I am pregnant all year round if I let my belly loose. When I am alone I usually let it hang, but most of the time I suck it in, and trying to suck it in for most of the day has become a constant torture in my life.I need a diagnosis as to what this is and how it could be fixed. i have never had a single normal day in my life. ALl my life I was skinny but had this belly that has no explanation at all,. I’ve asked doctors and researched endlessly. But failed.I hope this info is enough.

Symptoms: Protruding abdomen