Abnormal bleeding (4 weeks) with progestogen only pill

Patient: I am on Cerelle- a progestogen only pill and have been for about 4 1/2 years, and only spotted a few times. However, I have been bleeding for the last 4 weeks, and do not know what has caused this?

Symptoms: Abnormal bleeding/period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThe abnormal prolonged bleeding is likely to be a side effect of the pill you are on.Somet imes due to hormonal changes and a new uterine pathology like fibroid, adenomyosis or endometrial hyperplasia, the bleeding may manifest heavily. It is not advisable to ignore this, as it leads to severe blood loss, making you anemic and weak. Consider consulting a gynecologist to revise the pill use and also get an examination done to rule out other causes of bleeding. The doctor may advise an ultrasound if needed.Hormonal supplements may be needed as well as iron supplements if blood loss is moreHope this helpedRegards