Abnormal food allergy?

Patient: I’m 22 years old and I’ve had a bad skin allergic reaction for the past 3 days and it has not gone away. I’m not quite sure what I’m allergic to, but I suspect it is a food allergy and I consumed seafood, mango and milk, three days ago; two of which (seafood and mango) I’ve had allergic reactions to when I was a kid (I have no problems with it after I grew out of it). And I’ve heard that combining seafood and milk can sometimes cause an allergic reaction for some people. I have no other histories of allergies.The first day, I woke up and my right eye and my left ear was red swollen with little bumps at the back. On the second day, both my eyes and ears were swollen and itchy. Now on the third day, I woke up my eyes were swollen but after taking reactine, the redness went down but the skin under my eyes next the bridge of my nose is swollen and puffy, as well as my ears. My skin all over my face is now rough and a little bumpy and itchiness. Also dryness around my mouth.I went to my family doc and went on Reactine extra strength on two of the three days, but I feel like I’m not reacting to it well.Is it normal for food allergies to stay this long? Is this allergies even? Other than once when I was really young (perhaps 8?) I’ve never had an allergy reaction as severe as this one, why is this? Also will this leave any scars on my face?Thank you so much for your answers.