Abnormal pap, but normal Colposcopy and LEEP ?

Patient: Im 23 and when i was 19 i got pregnant and had my first pap at 19 and it came back abnormal and every time i had one since then it has came back abnormal never normal. I have had an colosopy(sn) and also a leep before both came back fine. but now im about 1 yr late on my pap and im nervous because i have not been back in over a year that my pap will come back abnormal and show signs of cervical cancer. Is that possible even? Also i go on firday may 6 for my pap appt.

Doctor: Regular follow up with your paps is essential for an early detection of any changes in the cervix. However abnormal paps does not necessarily mean a cancerous change, it may also indicate presence of abnormal cells that includes any infection. Your pap may or may not show abnormal cells this time, depending on the clearance of the infection or the abnormal cells after LEEP. You may want to get tested for HPV infection, if have not been tested for it, because it is frequently associated with cancerous changes of the cervix.