Abnormal swelling of ankle and feet persisting from 3 months

Patient: I am 28 year lady having problem of swollen ankle and legs its painless at starting but after 1 -2 hours i feel like the skin ruptures n blood comeout like pain edema persist in mylegs from last 5 months.i have 3tims period before last 3 months now its ok wheezing in chest smtime cough i blood but sputum is negatve for TBi sneeze 30times at a strecth that causes instant urination and sometimes bleeding also occure that prsists..cough is alwyse transparent drop like and some time thread like…stomac is swelling like a ballon .in last 6 month i puton 6 kgs wt ….whatever i eat i vomit or go to latrin at evry half an hour ,nose bleeding occure severe hair fall sometimes pain in lower abdomen right abdomen and back. every week i have suffered from fever once or twice rest of the time my body is cool

Symptoms: Swelling ankle feet edema persist from 3 months,coughing,sneezing,fever,abnormal period,abnormal weight gain after vigorous excercise and less amount of food