Abnormalities of genitals

Patient: Hi, my boyfriend and I are trying to find any information that we can regarding the abnormality of his genitals at birth.When he was born his penis was connected to his testicles. We know that he had reconstructive surgery as an infant to have them separated and to reform his penis. When we got in touch with the hospitals records dept. they unfortunately had very little information on his surgeries. We’ve tried researching this condition but haven’t had any luck.We would like to know what the medical term/name for this condition is and if his chances of having children are possible. We have been together for almost two years and have never used protection and we have never become pregnant. I have two children from a previous marriage, so I know that I am able to have children.Any information or avenues to take so we can do more research would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Elizabeth

Symptoms: Abnormality of penis and testicles at birth, very little semen at climax, concerns of reproduction