Abortion after breast reduction,wks preg.

Patient: Im 20 years old with a pre-planned breast reduction within 3 wks, I found out im only a 4 weeks pregnant at least. I don’t plan on keeping my baby, only because I am not financially stable enough at this time to keep my baby, i cant postpone my surgery due to my moms great disappointment if she found out and i met my deductible for this year(no money out of pocket) and i need this surgery , can i still go through with he surgery and have a abortion after? please believe me im not heartless but i just had to ask the question to get the right answer.

Symptoms: Positive pregnancy test

Doctor: Your problem is not simple and the correct gestational age by ultrasound needs to be determined before any useful advice may be given to you. Delaying an abortion may complicate the procedure or may bring unnecessary troubles for you. Please consult your doctor for specific advice and find out how these two procedures can be scheduled so as to make it convenient and safe for you.