Abortion and becoming pregnant from quick unprotected sex

Patient: I had undergone a therapeutic abortion almost 3 weeks ago as of this Wednesday, Jan 7. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I had the abortion and got diagnosed at 8 weeks. I experienced heavy bleeding for 1 week post abortion. One week post abortion, my partner and I were intimate together but did not have sex and he ejaculated. Twenty-five minutes after ejaculation, and not urinating after ejaculating, he inserted his penis into my vagina without wearing protection. I pulled away and did not resume intercourse. I had not started taking birth control at that point but have begun since. The next morning approximately 11hours after the intimate interaction, I took emergency contraception; Plan B. Approximately 1-2 days after taking Plan B I bled heavily for another week. Today I had taken a pregnancy test by urine at a local clinic and the physician informed me the urine pregnancy test result was positive however the value was low. My concern is could I of become newly pregnant or are my Hcg levels still present from the first pregnancy?

Symptoms: Abortion at 9 weeks gestation, heavy bleeding, enlarged breasts, bloating, irritable/moody, fatigue

Doctor: Hello,As you were 8 weeks pregnant, the hcg levels were really high and after abortion it generally takes 2-3 weeks f or the levels to return back to undetectable levels. As you had plan b after the sexual encounter and had bleeding for a week, it is unlikely that ovulation would have occurred so soon, so it would be safe to ascertain that the hcg levels are still falling and are from the previous pregnancy.However to confirm you may repeat the serum beta hcg levels test again to look for doubling or decrease further. Doubling would indicate an ongoing pregnancy where as a decrease would confirm that the hcg from previous pregnancy is still falling.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards