Abortion due to health concern

Patient: I had my gallbladder removed in September last year. i was ill with jaundice and rushed to the ER where they cut across my lower breast and removed the gallbladder and then had drainage tubes in for 15 days. when they removed the drains and sent me home i started to get ill again and was rushed back to the ER with septicemia. they re-operated and again another 15 day wait with more drainage tubes. i went back to the doctor with a concern. there was a lump by the scar. he reassured me it was just fat and it would go away in time. The lump started growing rapidly. i was very concerned but had no faith in the doctor i had previously. i found out i had an incisional hernia from the operation and would need a third operation. in December I fell pregnant only found out a in january i was 5 weeks. I think the operations and all the stress affected my birth control. At this point i was very unsure how my health would affect a child, my hair falls out in chunks daily and I lost my job because i was in hospital for a month. i made a rushed choice to abort the baby. I felt my health was risking a childs life. i would like to find out if my choice was fair or if i was unreasonable?