Abortion in January and then sex 1 month later. Can I be pregnant

Patient: In January I got an abortion and on February 8, 2014 I had unprotected sex. A few weeks later I began to feel the same way I did with last pregnancy & I continue to get symptoms now. However I took in late February & maybe one in very early march & they were negative and i also had a little bit of periodlike bleeding. However I still have symptoms of pregnancy & I still really believe that I am pregnant. I also would like to mention that after my abortion the pregnancy symptoms went away but after I had unprotected say like I said a few week later I felt the same again. Could I be pregnant even under these circumstances?

Symptoms: Nausea, craving, food aversions, peeing a lot, fatigue, headaches, light cramps with gas, lower back pains

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Generally the home pregnancy kits give accurate results of pregnancy if done after7 to 10 days post the expected menstrual cycle date. It is suggested that you eithergo for a blood test for βhCG which can provide more accurate result on thepregnancy status. Sometimes due to stress & strain also the period may becomeirregular. You can as well meet the doctor who can do scan to see what is wrong& why the period has not come yet. From the things you say it looks like thereis a more tilt towards chances of you being pregnant.Hope that answers your query. Have a Good day.