Abortion or periods and time of bleeding

Patient: I have two kids last month on january 24 my periods have come but on 24 feb periods not come when i check pregnancy test that is positive but after 1 weeks bleeding has starter when dr saw in ultrasound she says that no symptoms in pregnancy but in urine test the report said week pregnancy i am worried eighter it is misscarriage or periods

Symptoms: Bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since the ultrasound was done, and there was no evidence of a pregnancy or miscarriage, it could mean a chemical pregnancy where the beta hCG levels shoot up with no changes of a sac in the uterus or could be a very early miscarriage. You may wait for a week for the bleeding to stop if it is minimal.In case there are clots with heavy bleeding, consider seeing your doctor again for medications. Also, you may have to repeat a scan for ruling out an ectopic pregnancy, if it was not done before to be on the safer side.Hope this helped.Regards