About 1-2 years ago I had soft tissue damage in

Patient: About 1-2 years ago I had soft tissue damage in my right knee and recently I have had soft tissue damage again in the same knee,And my question is will I keep getting soft tissue damage again and again in that same knee?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.If you are an athlete or a runner, it is common for you to get injured often. Please ens ure that you are using the correct technique to run or do your sport.Also, please try the following to help you:Rest the knee and do not use it or use crutches to prevent further infectionIce the area for 15 mins at a time every hour 4 to 5 times a dayCompress the knee by using a crepe bandage or a knee sleeveElevate the knee using a 2 pillows under the legs to allow the blood to flow back to the heartAlso, take NSAIDs to help you recover. Take Paracetamol 3 times to help you with the swelling.Hope this helps you. All the best.