About 2 years ago, I suffered from a slipped disk in my lumbar region. L4 and L5 disks

Patient: I’m an 18 year old male. About 2 years ago, i suffered from a slipped disk in my lumbar region. (L4 and L5 disks). I went through accupressure therapy and now im perfectly fine. no pain or nerve pull whatsoever. now, before all this, i used to work out. i was well built. but in the last two years, i got outta shape. i’d like to start again, but im not sure which of my old routines are now harmful for me. The following are the exercises i used to do :1. pushups2. pullups3. plank4. renegade row5. dumbell lunge6. dumbell curl7. dumbell shoulder press8. dips/ benchpresses (not situps)9. body weight squat10.lying glute bridge11.Jogging ( is this really harmful? not running, mind u…just soft jogging)12.burpees13.bear crawl14. crunchesNow which of these shud i do and which ones should i avoid?

Symptoms: .

Doctor: Hello,it is good to hear that you are not suffering with any symptoms of disc proplapse.But,regarding disc prolapse I just cant go with just an asymptomatic period,so I would suggest just you to undergo a MRI and meet a neuro physician and ask him to clearly delineate to what extent has your disc been placed back in its anatomical position,because scientifically we don’t approve any non allopathic treatments to cure a disc prolapse ,but ,if it helped it is well and good.But ,based on that we cant ask you to start back all those exercises you mentioned ,because back is that very precious part of the body,if something goes wrong with it ,then your whole life would be a huge screwup.so,as a doctor I cant risk your life based on just an asymptomatic period,but yes ,if your MRI says that it is okay (which should be said only by a neuro physician after watching your MRI,then the same neuro physician will pick up some safe exercises from the list you mentioned .what, a simple tip I can give you is any exercise which will not put any kind of pressure of weight on your back can be allowed.but,also make sure that it, itself doesn’t involve much energy taking or weight baring ,because if you are using heavy weights then your back will definitely take part in that activity .Take care.