About 6 wks ago I had unprotected sex with a

Patient: About 6 wks ago I had unprotected sex with a female partner and received chlamydia. I took the dose of antibiotics and all seemed well for a couple wks. About two wks after that I started seeing minor skin cracks on my penis, and redness around the ridge of the penis head. The glands on my penis under the head are fairly red in color too. I’m circumsized, but in looking online at pics it looks similar to balanitis. I’ve been to my family practice doc a few times and they told me to leave it alone and see if it clears up. I was tested for herpes too but I know that blood test isn’t great. I started using hydrochordozone cream and that seems to be helping…not listening to the doc on just leaving it..the itching went down as did the redness. Seems to be healing but still a little redness around the penis head. I’m almost two weeks into using hydrochordozone and while it’s better it’s still not 100%. Question: I don’t want to go back to my family doc, should I see a dermatologist? Is there a chance this could be from type 2 herpes? What else would cause this in the first place? I’m very clean, cut, and unsure how this could happen from with my std or yeast?