About 8 months ago I underwent a neuropathy surgery

Patient: About 8 months ago I underwent an owner neuropathy surgery because my owner nerve had been dead and at my elbow. The doctor said that it had muscle wrapped around it that was causing it to go numb. Several months after the surgery, about a month or two ago, my hand was feeling pretty much normal again. then yesterday I had aching pain shooting down that arm, & a prickling sensation in the end of my pinky, the finger that had been numb and paralyzed originally. This morning I woke up and my pinky and the outer edge of my hand are a little bit numb. I am afraid that my recovery is regressing, but I can’t afford to have another electric nerve test, or to have another expensive surgery. Do you have any experience with this happening to someone who has had nerve surgery?

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query.First of all let me clear one point, I think the nerve you are talking about is Ulnar ner ve. It looks from your history that the Ulnar nerve was entrapped and a release operation was performed 8 months ago. The history of getting to normalcy indicated that the operation was successful and now again the numbness and other aching pain down indicate that the fibrosis around the repaired parts could have again compressed the nerve to give you the present symptoms.There may not be a need to spend a lot of money as nerve testing and re-surgery unless you are seen by the Surgeon who operated you.It is possible that a course of medicines can help you which are to be taken under the guidance of the Surgeon who operated you.Further tests will be done only if your Surgeon feels so.Till then put the affected arm in a sling and relax.I hope this answer helps you.