About a month ago I somehow injured my shoulder I

Patient: About a month ago I somehow injured my shoulder. I took inflammatory meds for it but its started to hurt again. When I hold my arm up close to me my shoulder hurts and laying on it or laying my head on my arm causes my shoulder to hurt. Even propping myself up hurts. The pain feels like its in the bone. What could be going on with my shoulder?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of shoulder injury 1 month ago.Now the pain has restarted in all the movements you explained indicates that there is still inflammation or the healing was inadequate or the rest was inadequate.Well, since you are having a problem now, I would advise in such a situation the following;First of all to consult an Orthopedic Surgeon for proper clinical evaluation and physical examination.Get an MRI and a plan for further treatment; the first part of the treatment is rest and avoidance of any instigating movements.I hope, this answer helps you.