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About a month or 2 ago i was having sex

Patient: About a month or 2 ago i was having sex and my partner I guess didn’t see or think to inform me that the fire and ice condom was not there wen he pulled it out, 2 days later I had burning in my vagina and I later found the condom was still inside me and it caused a yeast infection I treated the infection or I thought I did….. I still kind of feel a burning itching feeling , could it be something serious




Symptoms: Itching and irritation

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query to ATD.It is likely that a retained used condom inside vagina can actually cause both b acterial and fungal infection which can present as both itching, foul smelling discharge and often pain.IF you have taken treatment only for yeast and the pain and burning along with itching still persists then it is likely that it has been a mixed infection and shall require both antibiotics orally and antifungal pessaries vaginally for a week long treatment. This can however be confirmed with a high vaginal.swab culture to isolate the organisms. Sex should be avoided during this course of medication as it may cause recurrence.You should visit your physician for a local exam and a swab test and then take an informed decision.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health,Regards


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