About a year ago, I noticed a mass forming in

Patient: About a year ago, I noticed a mass forming in my pubic area about an inch above the base of penis. At first I believed this to be an ingrown hair. However, it began to grow larger and become red. As it grew it became more and more painful. The pain was so excruciating that it became painful to walk. After about a week and a half the mass finally popped while I was walking, releasing a cheesy yellow pus. The pus seemed to continually flow out as I squeezed. Finally after releasing an extremely large portion of pus, blood began to flow out. After doing some internet based research, all signs led to this being a sebaceous cyst. However, there was one thing that stuck out in the situation. In the span of about 2 months before this incident my girlfriend at the same issue. She had three of these cysts that burst in the same fashion in a relatively short amount of time. I understand that sebaceous cysts are not sexually transmitted so I was wondering if it actually was something else affecting us? Or was it just a matter of coincidence that the two of both formed these cyst like masses (for the first and only times our lives) within a small time frame? Since then, neither of us have had any issues. Thank you.

Symptoms: Inflammation to pubic forming cyst like mass

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for an elucidate history related to both of you.Coincidentally occurring abscess in pubic area in both of you with the description you have given is due to boils caused by the same bacteria.Since it is all healed nothing to worry at the moment.Hope this helps you