About cystitis cystica et glandularis

Patient: Almost 1,5 years l am in trouble with a mass which grows up in my bladder and spreaded to my ureters. during this time l got operated 4 times. and 3 times this mass has been removed from my bladder. but each time it has come back. the Pathology reports of my first operation says that the mass is ” cystitis glandularis”. and after last operation the Pathalogical report shows that it has became “cystitis cyctica”. and My doctors says that they saw the mass around my prostate and ureters too. My doctors wanted to put catheter DJ in my ureters but they couldnt put and push forward the stents. Because my ureters were blocked almost totaly. and also the IVP tests shows that my kidney on right side works 7% , and the left one works 93% but there is also Hydronephrosis. After my last operation they affixed a Nefrostomy tube in my right Kidney and next week the other one will be affixed to my left kidney. until now l also got many tests suchs as; Voiding test, Urodynamics, Chlamydia Trachomatis PCR and etc. in non of the tests gave an anormal or positive results..My Doctors says that fist time they face such a complicated and difficult situation like this and they also says that maybe a few persons in the worldwide have the same prolem like mines. and They dont know what to do and need to know who is expert on this specifical illness of me.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are very sorry you have had such difficulty in treating your illness. Unfortunately, thi s condition requires a careful investigation by a skilled urologist. We cannot offer much more information beyond what you have stated to us. From your description, your doctors have covered many of the areas we would have suggested to investigate for your bladder condition. We recommend that you consult a urologist preferably at a larger university affiliated institution where there could be an expert in this area of bladder diseases who can better assist you in treating this illness.AskTheDoctor.com wishes you a speedy recovery.