About gestational diabetes

Patient: Hi doctor just wanted to know I am currently told that it have gestational diabetes but I feel my sugar levels are not too high but I am sure I can lower it further doing a good diet can you tell me when is insulin prescribed at what levels of glucose level.at the moment my highest glucose was 8 and fasting usually between 5-6.50

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Because of the development of increased insulin resistance an d decreased ability of insulin to act on target tissues gestational diabetes can develop in pregnancy.Minor elevations in blood sugar levels can be managed with diet and exercises.Strenuous exercises are not recommended in pregnancy.Usually, anti-diabetic treatment is recommended when fasting blood sugar levels are above 4.4 mmol/L and one-hour postprandial blood sugar levels above 6.8 mmol/L.Mild elevations can be dealt with oral drugs but usually insulin is preferred in pregnancy.So, please do consult your Doctor and take treatment accordingly her advice.Take care.