About overdose

Patient: Hello .hello doctor .my name is daman and i am from punjab(india).i’ve been a patientof depression for the last 6 years .my current age is 22 and luckily mydepression started decreasing as my age went older.for the last couple of yearsmy depression started again and i consulted a psychiatrist and he prescribed me2 anti-depressants.(ocivox-50 mg fluvoxamine maleate and clonax 0.25mg)i havebeen taking these for the last 1 and a half year.i ve heard that these antidepressants may get addictive which is not good at all and i have not been incontact with the doc for the last 6 months)i am going to consult this with mydoctor and i am also asking you that do these antidepressants may get addictiveand i want to quit these because i these may get addictive.pls i need your advice