About pregnacy test

Patient: Hello Doctor ,i have regular Period On day 9th Every Moth , but not its 16 i have no periods , i have checked with Pregnancy Strip But It show Negative , Plz Tell Us How To Do

Symptoms: Pregnancy

Doctor: You did the right thing by testing for pregnancy after missing your periods. Pregnancy is one of the most common causes for delayed periods.However a lot of other causes such as stress, weight fluctuations, physical strain, illnesses, polycystic ovaries etc. may be responsible for the same.Delayed periods of one or two weeks occurs once in a while in every woman’s reproductive life. The general advice is to wait for two – three weeks for your periods to start naturally despite of the delay. If the absence of periods i.e amenorhea persists after 3 weeks then it would be okay to consult with a gynecologist or family physician regarding the same.The doctor will examine you and will probably advise certain hormonal evaluations, ultrasound examinations to determine the cause of delayed periods. The treatment of the same would largely depend on the underlying cause but would also involve hormonal treatment with progesterone containing pills that will help to induce a withdrawal bleed.Most of the times such delayed cycles are just the body’s reaction to our stressful lives and generally the cycles regularize with time. Persistently irregular cycles (longer than 6 months ) however definitely warrant a medical opinion.