About pregnancy problem

Patient: Hi i am 43 years old and got pregnancy problem going on. I am 11 weeks pregnant and i am bleeding from yesterday and do have abdominal pain as well. The ultrasound person told me that there is only a sac present and they couldn’t see the foetus. Which might be a problem. the sac is 19 mm long. i had a scan done before and the results showed that it was 18 mm long. So I don’t understand why didn’t it increased. i am so confused please reply me soon!!!

Symptoms: Vomiting somtimes

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If there is no metal pole inside the gestational sac even after 11 weeks , which should have arrived by 13mm itself. Now even f after 19mm there is no metal pole , then this is a failed pregnancy or an ANEMBRYONIC GESTATION which doesn’t have a foetus. The bleeding you are experiencing is that of your body undertaking a natural abortion process. It is suggested that you visit your physician now and get a dilatation and curettage done to remove the gestational its a failed pregnancy.I understand its going to be difficult for you emotionally , but you have to make up your mind.Regards