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About three weeks ago i used a sex toy in

Patient: About three weeks ago i used a sex toy in my anus and upon removal noticed it was leeching what i assume to be phthalates. I got a really bad head cold about five days ago. But i seem to be getting over that. Am i gonna break out I’m a ut it or something. I understand phthalates have a pretty short half life. And i think i would have had an instant reaction if it was a lethal dose. I’m just a bit scared and confused. Any suggestions?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Only large exposure with phthalates could lead to side effects like disturbance in th e gastro intestinal tract, risk of malignancy, terarogenicity in case of pregnancy etc. This is unlikely in your case as the exposure was limited. There is nothing much that you need to worry about this since there has been no study yet to establish the harmful effects of short term exposure of phthalates. Avoid any such plastic toys from next time.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: To me it seemed to be a “large” amount compared to the usual trace amounts we are exposed to on a daily basis. Also I am a male. And I am 33. Not sure if that matters. I figured since there was no “burn” or discomfort in my anus/rectum area that any negative effects would most probably manifest themselves later in life as part of a more cumulative collection of carcinogens and toxins that I’ve amassed over my lifetime. I mean I’m sure I’m gonna get cancer some day. I guess this will just add to that concoction. My concern and reason for contacting you is because it seemed to be such a “large” amount I was exposed to in such a short period of time. I am concerned about possible negative effects to my endocrine system. I also understand these phthalates can negatively affect memory, cognitive function and even have adverse effects on one’s IQ. It’s highly disconcerting to me that there’s such a ubiquitous class of chemicals that are known to be toxic but are completely unregulated and almost completely unstudied. Especially when the US govt. sees fit to regulate everything in my life that doesn’t need to be regulated such as what light bulbs I use and how I landscape my backyard. But I suppose that’s a diatribe for another day. Are you a gastroenterologist? If there are no studies on these chemicals, how can you say it’s “unlikely” that anything will come of this exposure?

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for the query.
You have got all the right information about the harmful exposure that you have had and it’s predictable complications in your health. Unfortunately there is no scales or measures to quantify how much of it is toxic. We can only assume and predict the complications rather than give a specific data as it is still unclear to us . You could get a general physical examination and lab tests measuring electrolytes and hormonal tests by consulting a doctor personally to see if there is any acute change in your body. Also there may be a need to repeat the tests over an interval of one to three months for a reassurance.
Hope this helps

Patient: When I go for my yearly physical they usually do blood work. Will this blood work that they perform include the screens you mentioned?

Doctor: Hello
Yes, but you will need to do it now as we want to look into recent changes after an acute exposure


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