August 15, 2018

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About two and a half years ago I was doing

Patient: About two and a half years ago I was doing a cadet-related activity outdoors that involved a lot of standing up straight and pivoting on the spot. At one point, I didn’t notice that my foot was in a hole in the pavement and when I pivoted, my whole body turned except for my right knee, and I felt a ripping sensation and stumbled a little. I went on and continued walking on my knee (though I was in a lot of pain) and repeating these activities until I returned home about 2 weeks later. Upon returning home, I realized that while I was lying down I was unable to straighten my knee past 90 degrees, and when I stood up I had to keep it bent. It felt as though my knee socket would pop out and I would cry out in pain whenever I tried. I went to the doctor and told her how I felt, and after checking my knee, she said it seems as though I had torn my meniscus and that I should stay off of it for a few months and just ice and rest it. My knee pain sort of went away, but 5 months after going to the doctor I started having knee pain again and had difficulty bending my knees or straightening/trying to lock them (not for an extended period of time, just noticed through stretching and walking).Even up until a few months ago, I experienced problems with my knees that I for the most part, concealed from family and friends. If I were on my knees bending down, if I moved the wrong way my knee felt just as worse as the first incident and I had difficulty walking for the whole week. Lately, I have been still noticing these symptoms after doing long periods of standing, sitting, running (I always was an avid runner), and walking. Recently though, I have noticed that my left knee is showing similar symptoms (difficulty bending past90 degrees after standing for long periods of time, pain after extended periods of walking, running, or physical activity, etc.) and I am a little concerned.I am an 18 year old female and having these problems progress into my other knee is scaring me because of my age and I don’t want to have these types of problems forever. I don’t know if this helps as well, but up until I was 13-14 I was a competitive figure skater as well and did a lot of jumping on and off the ice, and I was a track and field athlete (running and jumping) all throughout my elementary/high school life.I realize you are unable to diagnose anything, but a little guidance and help on what is going on would be greatly appreciated.



Symptoms: Knee pain after long periods of standing, walking, running, sitting, etc., unable to bend/straighten the knee after long periods of activity, and unable to kneel without troubles performing activities later on, etc.





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