About two years ago i had a fall to my right knee.

Patient: About two years ago i had a fall to my right knee and there was immediate swelling with the injury. I was in pain and walked with a limp for seven months before getting it looked at. I had an mri and it showed i had a nondisplaced fracture of the medial tibial condyle…have no clue what that means…anyway he put me in a brace for twelve weeks..and said everything should be healed but ive still been in pain…limping when i walk…unable to bend my knee past 90 degrees and i cant straighten it. My pain is on the medial side of my knee…if i were to bend my knee at 90 degrees it would be right at the corner. Severe sharp pains to that spot…knee feels very stiff all the time and im unable to kneel due to the pain. I also have swelling on my shin bone about two inches below my knee capcan you please tell me whats going on?

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for your query.A fracture of a bone will cause some swelling of the t issues around the bone. This occurs because injury to the muscle causes release of substances that cause accumulation of fluid.When fluid accumulates, it causes pain and swelling and redness in some cases as well. It is usually nothing to be alarmed about and the swelling will start to go away with time. Also, reduce the amount of activity of the injured leg. Try to stop moving the leg if possible. If the swelling starts to increase and pain becomes unbearable, please consult a Doctor.I wish you a speedy recovery.