Above avarage blood white cells and overall body weakness

Patient: My dad is 81 years old and after having a pain in his lower back he was taking Prednisolone 5 mg for 11 days now, and finished a course of 145 mg in total of these 11 days today, yesterday his blood test showed Hemoglobin 8.8 and WBC 17,500 knowing that before 20 days ago WBC was 4,900 and he has no fever to indicate an infliction, but today his body is so weak he can barely talk and barely open his eyes, but he suffers no cold nor any pain, my question is could that medication Prednisolone got any role in his current situation, or what seems to be the problem please ?

Symptoms: Body overall weakness, above average WBC , irrational talk

Doctor: Hello, Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Mark my words “Absence of fever in old age doesn’t rule out infection”.In old age m any a times there is no fever but the infection us there.Also he was on steroids so he was prone to infection and probably he caught one.You should not ignore these WBC counts and should see a doctor immediately. He would order blood culture, Urine culture, chest X-ray and will start on antibiotics accordingly.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.