Abscess in lower lobe liver , hernia, double nemoniya

Patient: Sir, I have a patient name Md Ashlam Qureshi Age 31 Male with both physically and mentally weak from chilhood ( Twin another name Arshad). Ashlam had been admitted to our Jorhat Christian Mission Centre (ASSAM) on 7.12.14 for the following reason:-At Home 2 days before Admit:-Vomitting , egarness, swelling of legs, yellowness of urine, loss of apetatie seen.During the treatment patient had given blood n liver abscess extract through niddle.And given Normal Human Albumin saline 4 bottle along with other saline.All the report including Lab. test, Medication…tc.He is also phycharitic patient continuing medicine olanex 10 for last 3 years?Patient also have Hernia Opertation 6 yrs back……I shall be very thankful if you observe the patient under you concideration.If you suggest or call to your place, we are ready to come.Your’s faithfullyMd. Ashraf Qureshi (Relation Brother)Nakachari Jorhat ASSAM 785635Mob- 8135060763, 8752883223, 9435438513.

Symptoms: Swelling of legs, egarness, loss of apetate, yelloness of urine