Abscesses under my arms and vaginal area

Patient: I have been dealing with abscesses for years under my arms and vaginal area.I have also Been having problems in my vaginal area.in I think I may have a yeast infection but I don’t know what to do about itwhen I go to the restroom it stinks and I have problems holding it endI figured it was because I had a baby 9 months ago but I also AM experiencing pain when having sexalong with all of this I think the glands in my neck are swollen every time I have gone to a doctor they always mention how my throat looks they run tests and then that’s it they say I’m ok they say I have large glands but I am wondering if all of this is connectedalso when I had my first child back in 2012 a few months after I was admitted into the emergency room where they told me that my blood sugar was high and I had diabetesthey told me I almost went into a diabetic comamy blood sugar fluctuate it for weeks after my vision was lock and there were a few other things but after a few months everything was normal I haven’t even checked my blood sugar since then because I think there was a possible misdiagnosisI would just like to know if these things have any connection and what I can do about it

Symptoms: Abscess, pain during sex, trouble holding urination, urine stink,

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comHaving gone through your history, it appears that you were diagnose d of diabetes mellitus and they treated you for the same.Also blurring of vision indicated that you went into diabetic ketoacidosis.If you haven’t got yourself checked after that episode and yet you have been experiencing multiple abscesses in armpits and vaginal areas, with possible vaginal fungal infection and frequent urinary infections indicate that you are diabetic. Infections are common in severe diabetics .So it is advised that you may visit your physician for a blood sugar profile and if required insulin management to control sugar values in your blood. Thereafter secondary infections can be treated accordingly.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards