Absent period nuvaring

Patient: I’ve never had regular periods before, now it’s been two months without one, and last week when i thought it was coming i inserted a new nuvaring after years without using any bc. My period did not come and now its been a week with the nuvaring but still no period. I did a home pregnancy test two weeks ago and was negative. It is safe to leave the nuvaring or should i take it out?

Symptoms: Cramps, breast tender

Doctor: Hello,If you have already applied the nuva ring without allowing your menses to return , then your enses would return once there is a withdrawal bleed following removal of nuvaring after 3 weeks. Its no harm continuing nuva ring till 3 weeks as its been a week already. If pregnancy has been ruled out , then its safe.breast tenderness and cramps are part of premenstrual syndrome and are normal to have it in the initial use of nuva ring.It is possible during this cycle that you may experience breakthrough bleed or irregular spotting as you didnt wait for your menses but that is no indication of removing the ring. At the onset of withdrawal bleed following removal of nuva ring after 3 weeks, reapply it again on day 2.I hope i have answered your query.wishing you good health,regards