Access precum any way to stop it or lower it’s

Patient: Access precum any way to stop it or lower it’s amounts? When receiving oral sex my partner says the precum literally squirts in her mouth and it’s a turn off because it happens every 5 seconds. I’m uncircumcised if that means anything but I want to reduce my amount of precum if it is at all possible please help!!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,Unfortunately, the ejaculation of precum is governed by the cremasteric muscle which is under autonomic control and not voluntary. Also, the production of cum and ejaculation is under sympathetic nervous control and hence cannot be reduced or curbed down voluntarily. However, you may use a compression technique during the act where you compress the shaft of your penis during oral sex, disallowing the precum to be ejaculated into her mouth. This has to be practiced and with training, results can be achieved to the desired.Regards