Accidentally took 2 birth control pills within 6 hours

Patient: I usually take my BC at 7 PM every day, and I did yesterday, but at 1:30 AM I woke up and thought I forgot to take my pill, so I took another, instantly realizing what I did. My pharmacist told me to skip the pill for tonight and take Wednesday’s pill on Wednesday at my regular time and I will still be protected. However, my boyfriend did ejaculate in me last night around 5 and I am worried that if I do not take a pill tonight, I will ovulate and the sperm left in my body will reach an egg. Please explain this to me and help me decide what to do!

Doctor: Nothing to worry about accidental intake of 2 pills within short duration. Skipping of next pill and taking the third pi ll on day after the skipped day will work well. Usually it should work well even with unprotected sex. Continue taking medication and do not stop as it increases risk of pregnancy. To be sure get a pregnancy test done after 10-15 days, but mostly you wont be pregnant.