According to my BMI, based on my height, weight

Patient: According to my BMI, based on my height, weight, and age, I am in a healthy weight zone. I want to gain 20 pounds and if I do I will still be in the healthy weight zone. If I gain 20 lbs of fat instead of muscle, will I still be a led to be stronger and faster than I currently am?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Very good question. Since you are in the normal BMI range and you can still gain 20 lbs t o keep in the normal BMI range. But increasing only the fat to the tune of 20 lbs will certainly make you weak and unhealthy. This is so because there are other parameters also, like the waist girth, the fat pads at the triceps and so on. You will have certainly disturbed parameters.You will not be faster and stronger than before if you gain only the fat.I hope this answers your query well.