Acetonemic vomiting and protein food allergy

Patient: Hello! I’m 23 years old and I have food allergy. It’s called acetonemia, but I’m not sure. If I eat protein rich products like pork, eggs, beans, chocolate, I suffer from acetonemic vomiting. I have this disease since my childhood and all my female relatives also. I know this disease is caused by enzyme deficiency, but I don’t know nothing else more. My family doctor can’t say much, just about taking protein free diet, but it’s hard for me to follow diet all the time. Could you please tell me more about my desease and it’s treatment? I have lack of information. I would be grateful if you could explain the inheritance mechanism of disease and causes.

Doctor: Acetonemic vomiting and Protein Food Allergy are two different conditions. You will have to accept that these are life l ong conditions and you will have to manage these appropriately for the rest of your life. You will have good times and you will have bad times and you need to know how to manage your condition during good and bad phases. It is always best to seek professional help so that you are up to date on the latest knowledge and can best learn. You need to visit a Gastroenterologist for a proper evaluation and to confirm the diagnosis. In case of suspected food allergy, you need to take help of an Allergist, who will conduct a ‘Skin Prick Test’-Food Panel, to rule out sensitivity to various/specific food items. The treatment would accordingly differ. All the best!