Acheing pain during first time sex?

Patient: Hello, I’m ttg777.Recently, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time (I’m 18, don’t worry,) and I thought it would hurt in a different way than it did. First, we were worried about him breaking my hymen, but it seems like it’s just too stretched to worry over or it’s just gone already. (I was a real virgin, it’s possible without me knowing when it broke in the past from something non-sexual related.) But when he went all the way inside me, it felt like an aching pain and that he couldn’t really freely go any further if he was longer. I was hoping that I would really enjoy making love with my boyfriend (we’ve been going out for some time, and we felt ready for this). I did in a way, but the ache during it was really worry and troublesome to me while he had pleasure. What was it that caused this pain? Was I not aroused enough, or just too nervous? (We both were really nervous, but we were alright mentally since we both agreed to use protection.) Is it serious where I have to get checked if something is really wrong? Or, is it my hymen that hasn’t been broken? (I’ve heard it’s near the opening unlike this. He was really deep inside of me.)