Achilles Tendon tear which is still tight

Patient: I had ruptured my achilles tendon back in 2011. It is still very tight to this day and it is not 100%. I have been doing physiotherapy on it at least once per week. What is the best way to have it loose and feel good again.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The tightness in your achilles tendon that that you are feeling is likely due to the develo pment of scar tissue along the site of the rupture. When the achilles rupture is surgically repaired, car tissue can form leading to the development of increased tension along the achilles tendon, which will decrease its range of motion. Physiotherapy should be able to restore almost all the range of motion in most cases however when there is an excessive amount of scar tissue formation, it is possible that physiotherapy may not be enough. In fact, you may need to have the achilles reassessed by your surgeon. Your surgeon will assess the achilles and and perform a diagnostic ultrasound to determine if the excess scar tissue can be removed, which will help provide you with increased range of motion.Thank you for consulting