Acidity in fruits causing reaction in my son

Patient: Whenever my son eats certain fruits that are highly acidic such as oranges, his eyes begin to get itchy and inflamed. He also complains about aches throughout his whole body. After a little bit of time the irritation does get less. My main question is should i avoid giving him highly acidic fruits and cut them completely out of his diet?

Doctor: There are signs of eczema here based on the itchiness you have described your son is getting. This is a very common prob lem in some children where the eczema gets activated by certain foods in your child’s diet. Your best bet is to avoid these fruits and replace them with other healthy food. Make sure and test out different types of fruit one at a time to see which ones are causing the reaction.A consultation with your family doctor would be highly recommended as eczema in children can be hard to handle with all the variations of food out there.