Acne and the contraceptive pill

Patient: Hello, I am currently on the progesterone only pill after being taken off of the combined due to migraines with aura, however now on the POP I have very bad acne. I have been given lots of different acne tablets and creams however i feel it is the pill that is causing this acne that will not go for over a year. I have read about ‘evening primrose tablets’ which help balance hormones and are only herbal, do you know if this is likely to have any difference? thankyou!

Symptoms: Bad acne on nose and especially chin

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I will definitely not recommend tablets that can change or alter hormone levels. Hormone levels are important to the body and varying them can cause a lot of other problems. Usually estrogen is more important for acne. If you feel that you have a headache because of POP, you can get an IUD inserted which will not cause headache kind of problems.Hope this helps you. All the best.