Acne Cure for everyone that suffers from this condition.

Patient: Okay I know this is going sound crazy, but most new discoveries do. After 30 plus year of testing I have found the reason we get Acne and how to treat it. My question is since I am not a doctor, how would you recommend I get the medical industry to even listen to this amazing discovery. I can now eat any of the supposed Acne trigger foods with no outbreaks and I have truly solved this condition for everyone, regardless of age, not just myself.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Helloit sounds interesting that you found the treatment for advice will be to visit dermatologist of nearby medical institute.if your treatment is found worthy, the doctor may introduce you to research laboratory of pharmacy who will in turn carry out legal proceedings for launching of product that includes clinical studies. if your discovery treatment does not contain any molecule then simply write an article get it approved from dermatologist and publish it in medical journal. hope this will help you.