Acne for almost five years

Patient: Hi, I’ve had acne issues since i was 12 and at the time when it started, I got my period and it was hormonal/puberty related and I didn’t really take care of myself then, because I didn’t have a mother close enough to teach me as I was growing. But later, I learned and started washing, cleansing, occasionally moisturizing and all, and though it got better, it was still all over my face (small tiny acne not the big red ones). I have T-zone skin and so does my sister who also had acne but hers went away COMPLETELY. I still have scars on my cheeks (for many years now) and the t-zone part is usually oily and rough. I don’t think I’m that hormonal but it’s been a long time since puberty and my skin is not better. Also, I have blackheads which I think cause the roughness (when they are partially sticking out of your skin).

Symptoms: Acne scars, oily skin, rough skin