Acne, Hair Growth, and Skin healing.

Patient: I have a few questions on a couple different things. First of all, I currently have a prescription of pills and acne cream to help my severe back and chest acne. I’m beginning to become frustrated because I have gone back to the doctors several times to try different and stronger options. None seem to be working at all. It feels like the pimples all over my back are permanent because they’re all the same too. Normally, you’d treat the area, and zits would come and go but these are just a cluster of stubborn pimples that don’t respond to any treatment. What should I do? I did order this type of detox tea because I have been feeling tired ALL THE TIME there is no time I’m not tired and I actually get at least 10 hours of sleep every night. So I thought maybe I just need to do a cleanse. I’ve heard great things about this tea so I’m going to try it out however I don’t know if it will help with acne. The next concern I have is with my hair. I’m 16 years old so my hair should be healthy with the products I use. It is healthy, I don’t have split ends, it’s shiny and soft. The only thing is it’s not growing. And I don’t mean just growing slowly I mean actually not growing at all. I know this for sure because I dyed my hair in October (4 months ago) and when you’re hair grows after dying it you can see the roots with your natural hair color growing out. I have absolutely no roots showing. I’m going to try these hair vitamins called Hair burst so that will hopefully help but I’m wondering what the reason behind my sudden lack of hair growth could be? Lastly, I have a concern with how my body heals. I have a lot of scabs currently, some from acne that I’ve popped on my back, chest, and neck and also some from bug bites I couldn’t help but scratch during my sleep. What I’m concerned about is, these scabs won’t heal. I’ve had the same scabs for months on end. Shouldn’t they heal faster? I even put antibiotic cream on them, other healing lotions and things, NOTHING seems to work. Okay those are all my questions, I would love to hear feedback, Thanks!

Symptoms: 1. Severe back, chest, and neck acne 2. Hair growth has stopped completely 3. Scabs will not heal

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.Regarding your first query, there are both topical and oral medications available fo r the acne.In mild cases, topical creams containing clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, retinoic acid, azelaic acid are advised.In moderate to severe cases, oral antibiotics like azithromycin, doxycycline, minocycline are recommended. In Refractory cases, consideration is given to start oral isotretinoin. If any hormonal disturbance is found, hormonal therapy is started.Wash your face two times a day .Avoid hair oil and oily food.Get your hemoglobin, thyroid profile and blood sugar levels done.Take green leafy vegetables and fruits in diet. Increase protein intake. It will hasten your hair growth .In non healing wound, if everything has been tried, you may go for PRP therapy that is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.Visit your doctor so that he can examine you and order tests for you.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.Take care.