Acne help

Patient: Hi,Sorry to bother you. I was wondering if there was any Acne medication out there that really works. I know many people suffer from acne. I have tried about 4 products and nothing works! I mainly have the acne on my face, its not covered just a few spots. Also on my shoulder blades and then a few on the upper leg and spot on my pelvic area (photo included) closer to the waist where my underwear or pants could potentially be pushed against my skin. I also believe this could all be caused by stress from my work and family life (about a 19 months ago I lost my mother). Is there any medications that work or maybe a medication that I can find to help reduce stress levels a little. I prefer not going to the doctors but if it is needed; then I really do not have much choice.Thank you,Joshua

Symptoms: No symptoms, just a little tender on the touch.

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