Acne on back and face

Patient: I have suffered Acne for 4 years now. My whole back is covered with the same including my face please sugest smthing.i have also been to many dermatologist and homeopathic doctors.




Doctor: From the description of your symptoms, you are probably suffering from a Grade II or Grade III acne. An option that you could ask your dermatologist is the use of Isotretinoin (accutane). decreases oil production, decreases cell buildup, reduces inflammation and keratinisation. It is not known exactly how it works but it has been observed that acne does get worse before it gets better. Decreasing cell buildup would also decrease the formation of comedones (whiteheads and blackeheads) aka non-inflammatory acne. When most of the deep seated acne has surfaced already and healed, there should be visible results but it might take weeks or a few months. Different skin types also have different treatments. You do need to speak to a dermatologist for further evaluation. I do hope I have appeased your concern and take care always.

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Guest: I have this kind of eczema and I would highly recommend a course of erythromycin! It completely cleared my face and most of my back. This can only be prescribed at your GP so perhaps that could be a topic you bring up 🙂


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