Acne on my face

Patient: I have so many terrible zits all over my face. My friends don’t seem to get it at all yet for some reason at age 25 it just seems on coming. Is there anything I can do about this? I have been washing my face every night already.

Doctor: Pimples are due to a blockage in the outflow of oil from the thousands of tiny oil glands in the skin. This blockage can be due to dirt, flakes of dead skin, or a thickening and excess production of the oil itself. Once the opening of the oil duct becomes blocked, the gland becomes dilated with the thick oil, then inflamed and eventually infected.The severity of your acne will depend greatly on your choice of parents. If one or both of them had severe acne, you have a good chance of developing the same problem.The hormonal changes associated with the transition from childhood to adult life are the major aggravating factor in acne, as the hormones cause changes to the skin and thickness of the oil, and may worsen (or occasionally improve) acne.Acne cannot be cured, but in the majority of cases, it can be reasonably controlled by doctors. You should ensure that your skin is kept clean with a mild soap and face cloth. Then some of the many creams and lotions available from pharmacists should be tried.If the acne is severe to start with, or the over-the-counter preparations do not help, see your general practitioner. He or she will use antibiotics and. more potentskin preparations to more effectively control the problem.

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Guest: hi, i have been having breakouts since july 2012, I have consulted a dermatologist who has prescribed dox-ts for three months, but taking the medicine has delayed my periods(i was supposed to have them on 1st feb but have not had it yet)