Patient: Hi My names Brittany and i am 14 year of age.I have alot of pussy acne on my whole face and on my chest. I started getting acne in year 5 and 6 and then when i got to year seven, it got worse. I have tryed many products, creams,cleaners, toners and tablets but none of them have seemed to work. I have also tryed pro active which worked but didnt clear it and then after a couple of mounths my skin got used to the product and got worse again.I got my period just resently and the ance has gotten worse since then.I dont feel uncovtable in front of my friends. We joke about and one of my friends even calls me side burns cause that is the place my pimples are.We just laugh it off but seen as i am in year nine now, i am getting to the stage were i dont want these pussy things on my face and chest. Is there any thing that will clear it??Hope you can helps ThanksKind regardsBrittany