Acne problem – Isotronic

Patient: Hi,I am 26 years old and been suffering from acne related problems. The doctor here in Bangalore, India has prescribed Isotroin 10mg for a period of 2 months (one tablet daily). Further, as per his advice have been using certain sunscreen guards, etc. for going out in the sunlight.Queries1. In addition to the above, he has asked me to get ‘peeling’ done every month for a period of 6 months. It would be helpful if you can guide me on whether taking Isotroin / sunscreen is enough or is the peeling process also necessary.2. Currently, I am not planning to conceive. However, can this consumption of Isotroin for a period of 2 months have any issues with this in the future. Please advice on this as I would stop the dosage if it would.

Symptoms: Acne / Skin problem