Acne problem since puberty.

Patient: 19 f, tired of acne problem since puberty. tried everything anyone can ever think, want to remove them permanently. want strong and ASAP remedies. i really want my face clear absolutely.

Symptoms: Cystic acne (esp. on chin), redness, acne scars, whiteheads, open pores (on forehead, cheek, nose), oily skin and scalp.

Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD.Acne although a Common condition yet it takes a lot of efforts & expertis e to control. There is no readymade treatment available. The treatment is individualized, means that every patient require different medicines depending upon skin type & type of lesions. Further, you should have patience as treatment may last for 6 months or so.It may happen that in first 2 months you may not get any relief or your lesions may increase but by the end of 4-5 months the acne lesions will stop appearing. My advice is to stop taking advice from your friends, chemists etc. Please visit a good Dermatologist, have faith in him & complete the treatment.Hope this helps you.Good luck