Acupunture: A solution or just pain management?

Patient: I had a disc herniated in 2007 (L4-L5) and surgery in Sept 2008. After recovering from the surgery I was fine until January of this year (2011). I started having acupuncture done only a few weeks ago and have had some pain relief. The more treatments I have the greater and longer pain relief I have. Some simple activities have caused the pain to break through since starting the acupuncture. A few days ago I had an incident of “cauda equina” like symptoms, which disappeared with rest. My question is this: Is the acupuncture a solution or just pain management?

Doctor: The acupuncture is one of the alternative ways of pain management,  that may or may not work for given individuals. If f you had neurological symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome I strongly recommend you to get a thoroughly evaluation by a neurologist or spine surgeon before the nerve damage get worst.